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Welcome to Newell Life Solutions

NeWell Life Solutions offers access to a multi-disciplinary team of registered professionals.  Our centre at Eltham (94313933) Victoria has been offering assistance to families, couples, individuals and children for nearly 2 decades.  Our new rooms at Balnarring (0412269995) Victoria also offers similar professional services.

Our expertise is in the following areas of specialtise:

Counselling: With the choice of six registered psychologists we can cover most of your individual needs for counselling and psychological services. All of our psychologists are highly trained and have many years experience in private practice. All are registered with Medicare and the major Health Funds.

Couples: Relationship counselling is offered by a number of our psychologists and counselors who are very experienced and highly trained in this field. Weekly or fortnightly sessions are set up and individualised to your unique situation.

Adolescent Issues: We have several psychologists experienced in working with the adolescents issues such as body image problems, eating disorders, behavioural problems, self esteem issues, bullying, social skills training, learning difficulties and exam stress. This service is offered only at the Eltham clinic.

Weight Control Program: We offer a weight control program like no other!

A comprehensive approach to weight control which not only focuses on the nutritional and physiological requirements of achieving your ideal weight but also unlocks your emotional blocks and saboteurs. The remarkable hypnosis weight loss program known as Virtual Gastric Band is available through NeWell Life Solutions.

Also available is a cellular health analysis which is a scientifically validated, non-invasive test which is able to calculate your fat mass, muscle mass, biological age, cellular toxicity, cellular fluid levels and basal metabolic rate. This information is invaluable to motivate you to make the changes you want to make and to provide a highly individualised approach.

Research shows that weight control programs that are supervised and monitored by a ‘coach’ have the highest levels of success.

Hypnotherapy / Subconscious Mind Therapy: Sometimes emotions become stuck within the conscious mind. The original causes of these feelings have often been forgotten by the conscious mind, but the effects continue to play out in unwanted behaviour and uncomfortable feelings. Issues of a subconscious nature need to be dealt with within the subconscious mind. A technique available at the clinic called Private Subconscious Mind Healing (P.S.H.) uses your own inner natural resources to make changes.

Relaxation and Stress Management: The benefits of relaxation, meditation and stress management are well established. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, have a stressful job or lifestyle, have sleeping problems, emotional outbursts, chronic illness, high blood pressure, headaches or tight muscles, or none of these your life will be enhanced by the addition of a relaxation technique. We can teach you a range of relaxation techniques.

We also have emWave technology which is a software based program which teaches you to relax, breath, and shift your perceptions thus harmonising the interaction between your heart and your brain. We offer half hour sessions for relaxation and stress management.

Other Services: Through our weight loss and life coaching programs clients have access to practitioner line supplements through Health World Lt (trading as Metagenics). Metagenics is recognized as a Leading Natural Health Science Company and the innovators in Natural Health products and Health Care Professional education. Through our links with Metagenics we are able to provide clients with up to date scientific information on a multitude of health issues. Within our team have a qualified practitioner in nutrition for mental health.

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to 2pm
Parking is available at the rear of the building

Administration and Payment Services: Clients accessing our services can pay by credit card (except Amex), EFTPOS, cheque and cash. We have installed software (at the Eltham clinic) to enable clients to have relevant Medicare rebates paid back into their accounts on the spot. Friendly office staff can advise clients of their eligibility for Medicare and private health fund rebates.